Happy Sock Monkeys

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Happy sock monkeys had to wait a year plus to be finished but it was well worth the wait for me.  Usually, if I don't like a project I stop and put it aside.   Looking at it every once in awhile  to see if any new inspiration floods me with some resolve.


I decided that I had to clear space and make room in my small studio which really meant to complete those unfinished, half started project.   So down I went  to that rabbit hole trying to figure out why this one bothered me enough to put it aside and how to change it to something that was more pleasing.


For the most part, it was blocks that didn't seem to work together, colors that didn't fit in. But with a few adjustments it  finally came together with something that I felt really delighted about finishing.  A completed project! 


Thank-you for stopping by and checking out  my quilts.  This 'Happy Sock Monkeys ' baby quilt  is available on my Etsy shop.  
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Baby-Toddler Quilt, Crib, Handmade
100% cotton
37.5"W x 47.5"

Happy sock monkeys on a light blue background is the main theme of this quilt. The back is finished with red dots and more monkeys with a red background.  The size is large enough for a crib or toddlers first bed. It is full of color and sunshine that will brighten up baby's room. A perfect gift for either a boy or girl.

Machine quilted with an all over grid like pattern, and pieced with modern vintage fabrics. The back is finished with a single piece of cloth and the trim is done with white dots on a brown background.

Enjoy!  It was a delight to create this piece for your little one.





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